It sounds like it is at an age that still enjoys its adolescence, even though 21 years feels like ancient times. 2003, when Gusta was founded, advertising was done only in traditional ways. There were no Social Media Specialists, Mark has not yet thought of Facebook, Instagram was not even a dream, Whatsapp was not in our lives, Wikipedia was not being used for dictionary intent, iPhones was not ringing in our pockets, our gigabyte files are not carried by Wetransfer.

Those were the years when we counted our steps ourselves, archive our stuff in CDs, print photos on paper and thought hashtag sign can be only used on phone buttons.

Those were the years that Estonia was accepted to the European Union with a referendum, Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected Governor of California, space shuttle Columbia descended on Texas, DSL technology would sound like magic.

Of course, when you remember that year, other and more important events will come to your mind; we did not forget them either. We know that the next few years, life will evolve into something else because of the extraordinary, incredible, unbelievable things that will happen in everything and in advertising, the next 21 years will pass like Star Wars.

We love the hundreds of customers we have met in 21 years, hundreds of thousands of columns we have made, tens of thousands of designs, dozens of advertising friends and suppliers we work together.

We are ready for the future. We look forward to you.

Keyword Analysis
Creating Google Ads Account
Google Ads Account Editing
Digital Media Plan
Digital Media Purchasing
Banner Applications
Preparation of Advertising Text and Visuals
Ad Optimizations
Creating Accounts
Preparation of Account Profiles
Managing Accounts
Creating Global Pages
Global Page Management
Determining the Communication Tone
Creating Standards and Rules
Creating Content
Content Concept Design
Content Management
Campaign Idea
Campaign Management
Creating SM Competitions
SM Competition Management
Making Instant Publications
Crisis management
Hashtag Management
Ad delivery planning
Ad budget planning
Making ad purchases
Scanning and Analysis with Keywords on Social Platforms
Scanning and Analysis with Keywords on Google
Web Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Digital SWOT
Post-Analysis Business Plan and Strategy
Digital Check-Up
Market and Vocabulary Analysis
Market Analysis
Competitor analysis
Target Audience Definition
Determining the Communication Tone
Creating a Communication Strategy
Creating KPI Targets
Creating Accounts
Managing Accounts
Preparation of Sponsored Impressions and Ads
Ad Optimizations
Opening the Channel
Creating the Channel Strategy
Managing the Channel
Creating Content / Video
Youtube SEO
Simultaneous Youtube Live Broadcast with Facebook
Product Placement Strategy
Managing Subscriber Interactions
Responding to Comments
Influencer Analysis
Rating by Order of Influence
Influencer Selection
Analysis and Marketing for Influencer Followers
Creating Campaigns for Influencer Followers
Creating an Event Idea
Event Concept Design
Material Supply
Celebrity Guest Planning
Event Management
Event Recording / Video - Photo
Event Reporting
Gift Planning
Brand Name
Product Idea
Corporate Identity
Brand Positioning
Marketing Strategy
Packaging Concept
Launching Concept
Launching Management
Campaign Concept
Campaign Management
Promotion film
Radio Spot
Media Planning
Media Purchasing
Leader Communication
Employer Brand Communication
Employee Communication
Crisis Communication
Content Management
Sustainability Projects
Performance Trainings
Corporate Publishing
Corporate Presentation
Speech Texts
  • We’ve founded Gusta 21 years ago and working with local and international customers since then. We specialize in many sectors including Housing, Shopping Mall, Hotel, Finance, Shoes, Aviation Industry, Machinery Industry, Food, Exporters' Unions, Textile, Cosmetics, Medical, Small Appliances, Health, Logistics.
  • When advertising started to go digital, we set up a separate department within Gusta 13 years ago and quickly specialized in training on Google ads, social media, application software and related services.
  • So far, we have supported numerous brands into the digital world. Until now we managed a total of 236 social media accounts in our social media department, which is one of the first established social media agencies in Turkey.
  • We have been at the creation of many brands and have prepared a total of 194 Corporate Identities so far.
  • Upon the requests of our customers to work with us at PR, we launched our PR department 7 years ago and we were structured in this field to work especially with industrial companies, associations and unions.
  • Gusta consists of a team of 10 people who have very important experiences and awards in their work and adopted this business as a way of life.
We love to learn how helicopter systems work, how a house is built, what a shopping mall says, how a shoe or notebook is made, how a huge asphalt plant works, how everything can be achieved in a hotel, how milk and cheese are produced, how chickens are processesed, how egg production is made, how wet wipes or smart cards pass through the factory and enter our lives, how a newly developed veterinary medicine produced, how a restaurant's menu is shaped, how pizza is made. This is our job. Here are our brands that taught us these and more in 21 years.
Nispetiye Mah. Aytar Cad. Emek Apt. No: 32/8
Levent Beşiktaş İstanbul
P: +90 212 324 41 44
F: +90 212 284 79 50
[email protected]